Accounts management and tax services

Business accounts are complicated and should be handled by professionals. At Paul Steele Chartered Accountants, our experts specialise in accounts management, taxation and payroll services. Based in Tiverton, we serve clients throughout Devon and Somerset.

Annual and management accounts

The Inland Revenue and Companies House demand that each business submits annual accounts. These are often needed by banks when reviewing borrowing requirements and suppliers when setting credit limits. Our professionals can prepare the annual accounts for you. They can also prepare management accounts to provide the owners or management with a snapshot of their business’s health during the year.


We will keep books and records for any small or medium-sized enterprise, which usually produces a saving in the cost of the annual accounts as well.
tax advice

Tax advice

We can provide general advice on how to minimise your tax liabilities or detailed advice on more complex issues. Whatever your situation, we submit return taxes on time and let you know your tax liabilities in advance.
Company secretarial

Company secretarial

We can maintain the statutory books as well as prepare and submit the confirmation statement of directors and shareholders. This service is often combined with providing a registered office where important documents are delivered.


Preparation of the weekly or monthly payroll is an important function for any business and getting it wrong upsets employees and the Inland Revenue. We have specially-trained staff to prepare the payroll, send payslips to you or your employees directly and ensure that you have the payroll summaries for your records.
business plans

Business plans

A good business plan is essential to help you grow your business and evaluate your progress. We can help you prepare your business plan, formulate profit and loss accounts and cash flow forecasts.
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